Family of 14 live in RV

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GLENNWOOD, Colo. – Life is an adventure in their RV.

Dan and Susie Kellogg, plus their 12 children, decided to ditch middle-class trappings by getting rid of their home and car, in order to move into an RV and see the country. During a family vacation, last year, the family decided to hit the road and see the sights.

Susie Kellogg, in a recent interview with Bob Dotson of NBC Today, said they wanted to be rid of a mortgage and car payments. Leaving their former home in the mountains, they chose the freedom of the open road, over the American dream.

Rather than follow a predetermined itinerary, the family goes in whatever direction they choose at the time, Dan Kellogg said. A software engineer, Dan can work from the RV, pretty much anytime and anywhere in the country.

While technology makes their lives comfortable, food purchases are a daily chore. All the kids are home-schooled in morning classes. In the afternoons, they explore. To follow the Kelloggs’ journey, visit In addition to their website, Susie Kellogg authored an ebook titled: Raising a Bandass Family: A Savvy Woman’s Guide to Parenting. The kindle edition book is available on

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