Lemmy blasts 'worthless' talent shows

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Lemmy has slammed TV talent shows as “worthless”.

The Motorhead frontman hit out at programs such as ‘The X Factor’ and says he wouldn’t ever appear on the show no matter how much money he was offered because it is “too awful” and he prefers to pretend they don’t exist.

He told BANG Showbiz: “I don’t watch any talent shows, they don’t exist in my life. They are worthless.

“You won’t ever see me on ‘The X Factor’ I wouldn’t care how much money is on offer – it’s too awful. Bands are supposed to be getting out there and playing to people.”

While the 66-year-old singer and bassist is scathing in his assessment of talent shows, he insists there has been the “odd good” contestant such as singer Carrie Underwood, who shot to fame after winning the fourth season of ‘American Idol’ in 2005.

He added: “You get the odd good one like Carrie Underwood but most of it is just dross. She’s great but how many of them are good, though? She’s a great singer, great voice.”

As well as Carrie, Lemmy is also “very pleased” to see Skunk Anansie have made a comeback.

He explained: “Skunk Anansie have just reformed which I’m very pleased about. They’ve just put another album out and it’s really good. I’m so pleased to see them reform I can’t tell you.”

Source: Bang Showbiz

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