Discard silk, adopt cotton: Rina Dhaka

Credit: Getty Images

New Delhi, Dec 12 — Ace fashion designer Rina Dhaka feels it is time that Indian women adopted cotton as the fabric needs attention.

“The only thing that I am involved at the moment now is to try and awaken the cause of cotton and to bring it back in fashion like in Mahatma Gandhi days. We all should discard our silks and give preference to cotton,” said Dhaka on the sidelines of a panel discussion arranged by the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Ladies Organisation (FLO) Tuesday.

To bring cotton back in fashion, the designer has associated herself with an NGO called “Shop For Change” which works with farmers in Vidarbha, a region in Maharashtra that is known for producing cotton, along with many different areas in India.

“The foundation (Shop For Change) cuts the middleman percentage and helps improve the farmer’s livelihood. As of now cotton is great for summers, but we can’t use it for wedding purposes and also as an expensive clothing, so I am trying to break this notion. Try and wear cotton saris,” she added.

The designer also feels that fashion plays a significant role in bringing change in society.

“Fashion raises loads of money. In the past, I have seen many international shows where lots of money was raised to contribute in NGOs so I think fashion helps in a big way,” she said.


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